Thursday, January 5, 2012


Yup. It's true. We've accidentally crashed the uberMental band site and are in the middle of re-building it. The band is up on deck for a new single and is scheduled to release an album in the Spring. 

La Femme Art has taken the lead in the Book Club Blues (Vol.02) project and uberMental will be making an appearance on the featured line-up as well.

House of Chaos
We're starting 2012 off with a new bit of mischief. Since 2009 we've been dragging our feet regarding our record label having a blog. Everyone keeps asking us to do it so we've decided to park ourselves at because some of our fave social media people use the platform. 

We're setting up the mobile studio to work beach-side. Today's agenda is mastering tracks for House Of Chaos and releasing new singles by La Femme Art and Tann Starr.